Sunday, July 26, 2009

.DIY update.

end of step one!
that was SOooOooo much FUN!
i only cut myself once.(it's not bad at all)
they are in the washer now,
i can't wait to see them once they're all done! ack!
:) :) :)

i used jeans i already had with factory-done distressing as *blueprints* to copy from,
and had scraps from my DIY cut-off project and used those to practice on.
the jeans i distressed were already a really good wash, so i didn't have to do any bleaching,
thank god. i would have f*d that up FOR SURE.
the tools i used were:
box cutter-for edges, seams, and to *shave* the jeans in different spots
cheese grater-for edges and over rips and slashes
piece of wood-to put in the pant leg/pockets as i worked on them with the box cutter and the grater
sandpaper-i used it
chalk-to outline where i wanted my distressed areas to be, and to outline the actual hole in the knee.
scissors- i pinched the jeans in spots where i wanted slashes and cut just a little. the slash will grow as i wear/wash them so i wanted to make sure i went a little smaller than i want them to end up.
for the hole i cut INSIDE the perimeter of the outline, a good amount inside, for the same reason as the slashes- the distressed areas will grow with wear/wash.
so excited!!!

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