Sunday, July 26, 2009

.DIY mission COMPLETE.

that was really a lot of fun.
i enjoyed the sandpapering especially.
this is the cool thing i used, i borrowed it from the husband:

xoXOxo to the husband <3


i'm happy with them,
gonna wear them today!
will try to take a pic in them, but am already running late

xoxoxo lovelies


Meg said...

Oh, wha a lovely job you did!! Congrats, always a nice feeling when you achieve the result in mind! They are a lovely cut of jean, what brand? I love the color, inky. Very cool, and cute as all get out on, am sure!

d said...

thank you meg! it was my very first distressing denim DIY project and it was so much fun!!!
they are Earnest Sewn. Got them at Nordstrom Rack @ 40% off already marked down! they were 30 or 40 bucks i think, i forget, lol :)

they ARE super cute :)
they are a little too wide legged though, alittle too trousery for cuffing and just in general.
next time i'm gonna do BF jenas, i will look for more of a straight leg but relaxed jean or a boot leg but relaxed jean.