Tuesday, December 7, 2010

.street style inspo.

how ADORABLE is this girl and her style???
love it.
perfect in every way:

this look is fly for a couple reasons- the l e g s, the colors, the layers + textures, the attitude, the messy hair.
le sigh.
i wonder though, how accessible a look like this is , for the more commonly-sized body type?
the dress is super textured, almost to the point that adding another layer,and a bulky one at that, over it
seems like it would just plain not work.
it does work here and that is because of the size of her frame, which is teeny-tiny.
and honestly, i think also, that this kind of image speaks to the *disordered*(as in ED, for all of y'all not familiar with my back story),
side of me... i miss aspects of my formerly tiny-sized self sometimes. i also miss my long hair, which has nothing to do at all with being disordered. lol.
i like this lady's style:

this next look is so very intirguing!
love the color schemes,
love the retro-vibe,
love her energy in general.
the shoes!
this could be an example of what i was talking about above,
the layering more *bulky* pieces over a body frame size that doesn't fall into the teeny tiny end of the spectrum.
it works for me here, but it also almost doesn't.
the "off" aspects of this look is maybe the competeing weights of the fabrics from her dress vs. the coat.
also, the fit of the coat is maybe a little off, as in a little too big, as in the bust area.
it could be a hair or two slimmer, to my eye anyway...
overall the look is pretty freaking rad, and so is the lady wearing it:

L O V E this lady and her style,
makes me think of my recent trip to Boca and how i realized that i would
a)never "fit in" pretty much anywhere
and that is
b)not a bad thing
so from that moment on i should (and will) just
this lady exemplifies that for me, the being myself part:

model Ginta Lapina.
i almost didn't post her pic cause of her extrememly teeny-tinyness
and me being disordered and blah blah blah.
she's on here cause i dig her laid-back-basics style and
look at that gaze. gah.
i mean, that kind of gaze separates the model from the top model,
you know what i mean?
go Ginta:

xoxo lovelies :)

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Redbeet Mama said...

I have those lace up boots in your first photo - totally me.

I took a photo of my boots this weekend - you'll see them soon on my blog.

Love & Light, Nicole