Wednesday, January 20, 2010

.ohhaibeautifulmanholyfecki'mallgah-cityover here...

my heartfelt thanks
go out to the sartorialist
for shooting
and then
this picture:

uh yeah.
G A H.
let's go over the checklist, shall we?:
1)his eyes/smile/energy = shy/hot/adorable/charming all at the same time.
2)his hat r o c k s.
3)he has a GREEN coat on
4)the way his button-down shirt is mostly unbuttoned is FECKING AWESOME and fly as hiiiiiz-ell
5)that little *peek* of his gray t-shirt (or whatever) under his button-down is ridiculously hot
6)his over-all color scheme is fab
7)the scruff. t h e s c r u f f.

and yes.
on the 1000% superficial-tip
i would look
a m a z i n g with this man.
i may even Photoshop myself in there just for the hell of it.
truly though,
how fly would the two of us look together?
i may start a letter writing campaign to scott the sartorialist dude,
asking for a *real* photoshoot with me and mr.super fly italian man.
can you say *awesomesauce*?


xoxo lovelies :)

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

iwant to see the photoshop pic!
totally agree; he's yum.