Monday, November 16, 2009

.where i'm at right now...

dree hemingway. love her style:

*sigh* totally feeling like rocking stuff like this lately. dirty. half-nekkid. flyness:

.o.m.hotness. if anyone knows who makes these boots-holla at yer gurl:

uh hello. hot picture, hot girlie, hot shoes. total win all around:

saw the notebook this weekend. loved it. this isn't from the same time period but it reminded me of it, and it's a pretty picture:

LOVE her style. LOVE it. hot sexy appropriate for everydayness. gah:

holy.shit. :

loved the color, loved the pic, loved the jacket. gah:

this girlie makes me want to wear make-up again:

xoxo lovelies :)


Arizona said...

I love the collage of your likes you have going here, and adored the girl's style from Stockholm Street Style too - I think I might have mentioned on one of my blogs too actually, or possibly thought to then didn't...Hope all well, hug kiss

Molly said...
these might be the same boots.

denise said...

they are the ones!!!!!