Sunday, November 8, 2009

.current obsession.

over the knee boots.
i actually have a pair.
they're 2 years old and stiletto
i never have much occasion to wear them.
am looking for a more functional but still fly as hizzzz-ell pair
*regular* wear.

check out the hotness below:

xoxo lovelies :)

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Arizona said...

I love the pair Kate wears, believe they are Prada. They are in remarkable shape for how much use she has gotten out of them in past few years.

I love to pair my over the knee boots with a mini skirt, dark wool tights, and a huge thick sweater with a large cowled neck. I don't go much for the leggings look being that I am a twig to start with, and don't want to look like I might break.

Lovely images, as always.