Wednesday, November 4, 2009


another lesson learned,
or learning
i guess.
boys are not men, and in this case,
i'm referring to the mentality of some very specific *men* i've had the pleasure(?)(snort) of
*sharing*(i use that loosely) time with as of late.
men in body, boys in mentality.
obviously i'm still carrying *feelings* of some sort or another about them/this
or i wouldn't be referring to them in such a judgemental way...
i have also been stoopid lately,
have had stoopid moments.
am carrying feelings about that as well.
living and loving and learning
g r o w i n g.
for me, anyway.
the *growing* part.
this night, the night i took this pic,
i had a *badbye* with a person who i saw as a kindred spirit(see previous *memories and moments* post from oct 28th).
*bad*bye in lieu of a *good*bye, get it?
i live
i live in love
i'm open
i'm alone again.
and that's actually ok
it's actually good
because it weeds out the ones who *should* be weeded out,
you know?
it hurts because i carried some sort of *expectation* of who they were/are,
you know?
and that's where i am on my journey,
figuring out how to remain open
and in a state of love and life
and my.self. regardless of what's being *reflected* back to me from partners along the way.

*b r e a t h i n g*
mental/spiritual yoga.
that's what i just did right here.
that's what this post is.
yay for that.
yay for love.
yay for being a child of the universe.
xoxoxo self.
xoxo lovelies :)


Anonymous said...

i know this times a million my beautiful friend . i know it deep . i know it long . i know it too

perhaps we all do
and yet
yay for love
and learning
and joy
and the tumble
and the messy heart all over the fucken floor / mattress / sleeve bs too.. all of it
yay for it

love you m'dear soul sistah

Arizona said...

(deep sigh...)

I love to know...that in the very least...I am in such remarkable company with such thoughts and feelings of my own.

Peace, mama. Of heart mind and spirit today.

Anonymous said...

In the words of sonia sanchez:
breathe out
breathe in
let it go -
like the wind.

i love you