Sunday, August 9, 2009

.retail therapy...

i spent
just shy
at the KoP Mall yesterday.
money is tiz-iiite over here as of late
so i predominately window-shopped.
usually that's ok with me, but yesterday
H A R D.

free people had SO many WONDERFUL pieces!
i was so.very.sad.that i had to leave without them

i <3 the girls there, Jamie is esp one of my homies,
she knows EXACTLY what will look good on me and doesn't hesitate to fill my dressing room up.
she pulls stuff i would never pick myself and a ton of stuff i would pick.
she's FANTABULOUS, if you go in ask for her,
tell her i sent you :)
i woke up this morning with memories of the wonderful pieces that i didn't get,
here are some of them:

the shane cigarette jean by genetic denim:

i am not ususally into the lighter color denim on me, but HOLY FREJOLES it was AMAZING. and SO so SOOOOO s o f t. they were $198.00 and so they stayed in the store :(

the ladder snap shoulder shrug:

i didn't try this one on, it wasn't in the store, i found it online and i lurved it. so CUTE! so hawt in a subtle way. gah. :)

We the Free batwing sport tee:

GAH!!! i LOVED this :( SOOOOOO much! it was AMAZING, and so very perfect for me. it was $88.00 so i didn't get it! ack! :(
i can't stop thinking about it though. i LURVED it with every bit of my b e i n g.

Sheer Ballerina Slip:

this is another piece i didn't see/try on in the store, but found online.
for the love of GOD look at it!!! so messy/pretty/girlie/sassy.
g a h.

Lightweight Trench:

this is actually soemthing i've never seen at a free people store or online, but only at bloomingdales.
i have tried it on 3 different times so far, and believe me, it's AWESOME. the picture does not do it justice. it's $168.00

Cascading Flowers Dress + We the Free Burnout Pocket Tee:

these are BOTH on S A L E, the dress is something i've had my eye on for a looong time, i've never tried it on, they don't have it in the store anymore. it's $49.95 online right now.

the tee shirt
it was $19.95 and it is A M A Z I N G. flowy and drapey and S O F T.

something i had my eye on for a loong time as well,
the Linus Riding Boot

have never tried them on, free people only carries a limited amount of shoes in their stores, but has much much more online.
these are $99.00 right now.

i'm exhausted.
sweet travels lovelies :)

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