Friday, July 24, 2009

.personal style.

these are some pics i shot at a high school graduation a year ago.
(xoxo class of 2008)
you want to see some real life examples of personal style, the kids in this school (upattinas) have it
they are who they are and AMEN for it!
style is a bunch of things, it can be blocked off into categories-
and one thing style is, is an outward expression of who you are inwardly.
these kids are masters at that, dressing for THEMSELVES
for their moods
for comfort or functionality or for show or whatever have you, but one thing is always constant.
they are the ones making the choices. they may be aware of what the *current* fashions are, have fav designers, shops, but they're not carbon copies of anything or anyone.
they're little bits of EVERYTHING, and always always themselves.

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