Wednesday, July 15, 2009

.introductions.and explanations.

*rockin' the flow*-
intriguing name when coupled with that main image, i know,
since i look neither *rock* nor *flow-y*...

the name came from a comment from a fellow flickrite in the wardrobe remix group, describing my style.
this was the outfit:

i liked the description, it fits my style, overall, pretty well so i decided to use it as my blog name.
i AM a pretty flowy/easy/breezy/laid back/*basics* kind of girl with a little bit of an edge.
i'm from philly. what.

i got the newest UO catalog in the mail today and was kind of floored?surprised? lots of fly stuff in there.
like this:
TOTALLY curious to see this IRL, been searching for a BF blazer I can afford
maybe this will be *the one*???

and this:
i'm a total oversize-drapey-t shirt-junkie.
LOVE them. if i could afford Alexander Wang or the Row I'd have a STOCKPILE of them.
but i can't. so i don't.
this looks pretty good though. the skirt in the pic? ah, not so much.

this jacket had me yelling in happy surprise:
can not WAIT to go try that bitch on.

that first jacket had me yelling, this next one had me gasping.'d go BANANAS. bananas. ack. <3>

and then there is their BDG Hooded Bomber in black that f'ing ROCKS and had me saying "fuuuuuuuuuuuck, how am I going to convince Adam (the husband) that I NEED all of these things?!?!? hahahaha i'd have a pic of the hooded bomber jacket but it wouldn't let me and my computer skillz are completely lacking in the *hacker* dept. 

Urban has a black studded clutch, which is also on my list of essential items to own, but DUDE do.not.waste.your.dollars.there. 
Marc Freaking JACOBS has one for, 
wait for it... 
47 DOLLARS!!!?!?!?!?!? 
wtf MARC JACOBS WTF!!!??? 
and thank you marc. you.ROCK. :) 
here it is:

tired. done posting for the night.
sweet travels.
xoxo lovelies.

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