Wednesday, July 22, 2009

.hi AND nice to meet you. (part 1)

wanted to browse collections.
went to, chose Resort 2010, clicked on designers i didn't know.
here are some of them:

my thoughts:
i liked it, overall. i like the rough kind of feel all the pieces have, girly, but tough-ish.
the line is a little hollywood *it* girl overall, these were the *least* it-girl-ish and the looks i'd totally rock.
or attempt to.


my thoughts:
LOVED it. loved the tones, loved the way the pieces were structured but easy at the same time, loved the overall feel.
looks totally wearable which is a giant YEEE-HAAAAAAAA.
would absolutely rock it.


my thoughts:
liked the silhouette of the pieces, like the easiness of it all.
love the big easy but still fitted sweater over the maxi dress. not sure about the embellishment on the shoulder but still like the look overall.
like the black dress, it's pretty and easy with a little bit of an edge in there.
loved the little blue shift-type dress. it stands out in a good way.
i'd go try this stuff on and see what's up with it.

part 2 to come soon.
xo lovelies.

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