Monday, July 20, 2009

.the good the great and the no i didn't get it...

remember the black motorcycle jacket from UO that had me yelling happily in a previous post???
well, this is it! i went and tried that bitch on and i LOVED it. i didn't get it though. not yet. waiting.
i also tried on the hooded bomber jacket and the drapey t from that same previous post as well and neither of them worked out.
looked craptastic on me.

Diane Von Furstenberg.
holy ACKness!
some of you know that I have been on the hunt for a DVF dress for quite awhile now, and that I was having difficulty finding one that worked. i kept finding dresses that were cut fantastically for me but the print/color didn't work, or would find a dress that the print or color worked but the cut of the dress didn't.
until this lovely day a few weeks ago
when i had no *fun money* to spend but went window shopping at KoP Mall and found
DVF at Nordstrom.
(shoes are mine. ignore them here)
no i didn't get it. buying it would have been the equivalent of like 6 months of greek mythology tutoring for my kids.
(i homeschool them. they like greek mythology. i out-source a lot.)
can you imagine? "oh honey, i'm so sorry! you can't do greek mythology, mommy got this fab dress instead! look how pretty it is!"

this was the same *window shopping day* as above.
super cute button down by James Perse. (cut-offs and shoes are mine)
love him, love his stuff. perfect basics and I am a basics kind of girl. can't help it.
didn't get this either though. maybe one day. maybe not. if it goes on sale i would though.

these i DID get(the jeans, and no i would not wear them with those shoes just wanted to see how the height was with them) earnest sewn, 40% off already on sale at the Rack.
idea was to make these into the *ultimately perfect for me* pair of BF jeans. want to beat the heck out of them, get them all full of holes and distress the shiznit out of them.
thought they were a good *canvas* to start with.
brought them home, showed the husband, he told me they look like mom jeans.
no nooky for him.

xoxoxoxo all.
happy shopping.

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